1 Introduction
2. Newcomers
2.1. Trial race
3. General Guidelines
3.1. Race recording
3.2. Incident registration
3.3. Incident images
3.4. Reporting Incident Etiquette
3.5. Time to report incident
4. Race Rules
4.1. Overtake
4.2. Movement in braking zone
4.3. Weaving and Blocks
4.4. Returning to the track
4.5. Actions during an incident
4.7. yellow flag
4.8. blue flag
4.9. Qualification
4.10. Formation lap
4.11. Pit entry & exit
4.12. Pit Stops
4.13. Finish of the race
4.14. Car and Team Selection
5. Points system
6. Penalties
6.1. Penalty Points System
6.2. Additional Sanctions
7. Discord Etiquette



1 Introduction
The Dutch Racers have some rules and regulations you should know
before you start racing at TDR. The purpose of this is to make racing for everyone
fair and fun whether you are completely new to the sim racing world or
are a seasoned sim racer.

2. Newcomers
If you’re new to The Dutch Racers and all the rules seem daunting, make
you don’t worry! All the admins and drivers in the club are here to help
and would like to help you to a higher level. Feel free to ask any questions
especially regarding your first championship races. We encourage
fair racing in TDR and believe that everyone of all
skill levels that should be possible, our rules ensure that both
fast and slow drivers are able to get enough of each other on the track
to give space. Don’t be intimidated by the penalty point system, usually
handing out penalty points is not necessary at all and it will solve itself
by driving together more often.

2.1 Trial race
You may be asked to participate in a trial race. This will
are to determine your level of proficiency and where we can help you best in the
place competition.
These races serve to avoid misunderstandings about the rules or bad habits
identify in our lobbies. The admins will be there to help you after the race
help so that you are best prepared to race with the rest of the


3. General Guidelines
While racing, the overall goal is that no car makes contact with
other cars on the track, it is everyone’s responsibility to
to prevent. Incidents will happen anyway, and when they do happen, it’s
right to try and give the position back to the other racer but this has to
of course in a safe way. Don’t be too aggressive when you
attempt to overtake, it is generally the responsibility of
the car that is going to overtake to complete the overtaking action in a safe and clean way
complete. Especially at the start of the race, there is a higher chance of an incident
and we therefore ask you to pay extra attention during the first laps of a race,
sometimes it’s safest to back out of a high-risk maneuver.
Some TDR races are much more than the sprints in public lobbies, the races become
rarely won in Turn 1. If an incident does occur during the
race, it is the driver’s responsibility to report this on
our website or Discord under the appropriate topics.

3.1 Race recording
ALL RIDERS MUST RECORD THEIR INCIDENTS. If you fail to provide images
of an incident when requested to do so, we may
take no further steps on this. When providing images
it is preferable to show the footage from a saved
replay, so the administrators can get an impression of what you as a driver
saw during the incident and with your opponent. It is also interesting to
see how the use of the gas and brake was during the incident.
Common ways to record are through Twitch/YouTube Streaming, the
Playstation share function or the save replay function built into ACC itself. Give
always indicate the time at which the incident took place.


3.2 Incident registration
If you are involved in an incident please get the attention of the stewards
Ask for an assessment of anything you deem criminal. A lot
Common reasons for reporting an incident are:
– Contact with another driver
– Unsportsmanlike conduct
– Ignore blue or yellow flags
– Deliberate violations of the TDR rules
This list is not exhaustive and all racers are encouraged to report
make up for all transgressions large or small. Often in minor incidents
after the race, the drivers openly apologized and
it has been accepted by the victim of the incident and therefore does not require any further
actions. DO NOT use TDR-Discord to directly or indirectly harass other members
curse. If you don’t agree with an incident, use the incidents
form or the appropriate channel on our Discord server.

3.3 Incident images
When submitting incident footage, please use the in-game save-replay option.
For example, the Stewarts can view the footage in Chase Cam/first-person and from
outside. This way stewards can see how much a driver can see
the input of accelerator/brake etc. The use of decelerating images and or
other edits on the images are not accepted, so please
upload footage in real time.

3.4 Reporting Incident Etiquette
When reporting an incident, only mention the minimum necessary
information. Long personal descriptions of what you think happened
or personal attacks on other drivers will not be tolerated.
Stewards remain impartial in all incidents and do not take into account
slightly different from the images provided.

3.5 Time to report incident
ALL incidents must be reported within 24 hours of the finish of a race
become. Ideally this is with accompanying footage, but at the very least it is
the ticket and a short description required. It is desirable to
to add images to the notification, but you can also add your images
present it to the stewards later, at the very least the incident should have already been reported
to be. Tickets that can be closed more than 24 hours after the match
as No Further Action. Stewards aim to process tickets within 48 hours of an incident being reported, in some circumstances this may take longer such as complex incidents where multiple stewards will be consulted for decision making. The stewards’ decisions are final and may not be challenged. However, it is acceptable to politely request revision in complex incidents. Please remember that flight attendants give up their free time to assist and train drivers, inappropriate behavior towards flight attendants will not be tolerated.


4 Race Rules

4.1 Overtaking
A. It is generally the overtaking vehicle’s responsibility to
perform the overtaking maneuver safely.
B. Overly aggressive driving will not be tolerated.
C. Any car that is “sufficient alongside” must have a car width space
get the circuit.
D. “Sufficiently alongside” is judged with any part of the car next to a
other car on the straights, during a bend the front axle of the
rear car aligned with the rear axle of the front car to
justify the space. A bend is considered in total as
a bend, this also includes entering the bend to the exit
off the bend.
E. “Divebombing” is a risky maneuver that usually involves the leading cars
caught off guard and will generally be seen as aggressive.

4.2 Movement in braking zone
A. BLOCKING a car within the braking zone is not allowed. When braked
this must be done in a straight line up to the turn-in moment of
the curve.

4.3 Weaving and Blocks
A. Weaving to break the slipstream is not allowed. More than two
movements (i.e. move across the track and return to the previous line
is two movements).
B. Blocking on straights is not allowed, drivers must have a
choose a defensive line and stick to it.

4.4 Returning to the track
A. If you have left the circuit and rejoined after an incident,
it is your responsibility to reconnect safely and the race of
not to hinder other riders. This may mean that you have to be in round 1
wait until all the cars have passed before you can go back on the track
B. Causing an incident during a re-join can lead to
tougher penalties.
C. Penalties may be imposed for gaining an advantage you
created by choosing to return to the track.

4.5 Actions during an incident
A. If you have been involved in an incident and you are unable to
To maintain control of the vehicle, the driver must apply the brake
kick and don’t try to steer or fight. This will make the movement of
make the car on the track more predictable for other drivers to
respond and avoid further incidents.
B. Drivers who have fallen off the track and are in control of their car
are allowed to reconnect as long as this is done in a safe way
as described in 4.4.
C. If you are involved in an incident where you hit another car,
drivers must make every effort to regain the position
to give. An incident report can still be filled in for the
contact but the penalty will not be as severe as the position becomes

A. If for some reason you have DNF, return to the pits and
stay there until the end of the race. This is to avoid lag that sometimes
can occur when drivers leave the server.
B. If you leave a match without a valid reason, you could be penalized
by the stewards.

4.7 Yellow flag
A. Yellow flags must be followed as on a real track.
B. No overtaking during yellow flag situations.
C. In yellow flag situations, the driver must always take into account that he
have to brake.
D. Once you see the incident you MUST slow down to make room
for dodging.
E. Drivers often don’t want to lose time because of a yellow flag and will
often try to continue driving at race pace. Any contact with other cars
in these circumstances is extra punished.
F. Slowing down, hitchhiking before an incident will probably take you less time
cost than crash and take damage.
G. All images of overtaking under the yellow flag are considered a
incident and may be assessed by the stewards.
H. There may be moments, especially at the start of the race, where
evasive action must be taken or overtaking takes place
under yellow flag. This can be assessed on a case-by-case basis by the
flight attendant.
I. If you accidentally overtake under yellow, the place must be returned
in a safe way.


4.8 Blue flag
A. Blue flags are just advice. When a faster car de
straggler approaches, the straggler must move off the racing line at a
straight line.
B. Blue Flag Skaters are NOT allowed to defend their position on the track.
C. Intentionally holding back or defending against a faster car may result
in penalty points or even disqualification.
D. Drivers who are about to be in a blue flag situation
to be overtaken must behave in a predictable manner
without sudden movements or changes in position.
E. When giving way, drivers MUST NOT cross the lane boundaries
F. If you decide to give way, do so only by accelerating or pressing
to slide early on a straight. DO NOT slow down in the middle of the bend.
G. Faster drivers must accept that they lose time overtaking
of a slower car, this is the case for all drivers in the race.
H. A racer may unlap himself if he has a significantly higher speed
has. The overtake must comply with all other rules as above

4.9 Qualification
A. Give everyone enough space in the qualification. Don’t bully cars in the
B. During a warm-up lap or cool-down lap, riders must
make an effort to stay out of the way of riders who are in their hotlap
so as not to ruin their qualifying chances.

4.10 Fortmation lap
A. It is not allowed to mix up during a formation lap
to drive.
B. During the formation lap, the cars must remain in the zones.
C. Take into account your starting position, drivers need that position
D. Repeated violations during the formation lap can lead to
to punish.


4.11 Pit entry & exit
A. Cars entering the pits must stay within the white lines.
B. During qualifying, drivers must leave the pits
take into account the drivers who are in a hot lap, they will
have to give way to the driver who is in a hot lap. think about some
circuits remind you that you exit on the racing line and therefore plan your exit
Be careful not to get in anyone’s way.
C. During a race, any car leaving the pit is entitled to the width
of his chariot of space. Drivers on the track should be here
D. Cars leaving the pit must use all white markings and
are not allowed to cross until the markings are gone.

4.12 Pit Stops
A. Before a race, the requirements for a will be announced
pitstop/pitstops, these apply to all drivers.
B. You are not allowed to go to your pit stop via the menu during a race due to damage, you
should finish your lap completely and drive into the pits.

4.13 Finish of the race
A. After finishing your race, you must move the car to a safe part of
the track before returning to the pits.
B. Consider other cars still racing when hindering
of cars that have not yet finished, the stewards can still
hand out penalty points.

4.14 Car and Team Selection
A. Some races require drivers to choose a car and/or a team, this one
selection can be changed by the stewards during the series.
B. It is not allowed to change cars or teams during a
championship, you will lose all your accumulated points.
C. Registration for a championship must be at least 3 weeks before the start
championship happen, hereby we want the chosen car / team / colors

First 25
Second 18
Third 15
Fourth 12
Fifth 10
Sixth 8
Seventh 6
Eighth 4
Ninth 2
Tenth 1


6 Penalties
PlayStation does not have the option of real-time viewing.
Therefore, TDR uses a points system based on the
incident registration of the drivers. This is necessary that drivers
Report incidents to make racing cleaner.

6.1 Penalties system
I) Minor incident:1-2 points (e.g. low speed, 2 cars involved, few
to no damage)
II) Moderate incident: 3-4 points (e.g. higher speed, multiple cars,
III) Major Incident: 5+ points (Reckless driving causes incident with
several cars)

6.2 Additional sanctions
Some penalties are awarded outside of normal race conditions and are
assessment by the stewards. All additional penalties will be added only
after review by the stewards in an incident record. They don’t become
awarded without the express knowledge of the rider. Shooting
of matches is mandatory (see 3.1). Failure to provide visual material
when requested, will lead to inability to properly assess
the incident and will therefore not be assessed.
CONTEST. Although this is rare, flight attendants may at any time request a
Punish a rider for conduct deemed inappropriate for the competition, both
on and off the track, up to and including exclusion from competition.

7 Discord etiquette
Be polite in Discord. Drivers can get frustrated, but take a moment
the time and think before you speak. It is very unlikely that a
driver has done something intentional. Speak to the admin if your other
recommend leagues in the TDR discord. Discord Warnings: Antisocial
behavior is not tolerated and TDR has a 3 strikes policy regarding
of misconduct, 3 strikes and you are out !